Jens Matheuszik — 7. August 2005, 23:29 Uhr

Eher ein Auswanderer als ein Mitläufer

Aus der Reihe „Netzfundstücke“:

(gefunden bei Coram Publico, via Eudemonia)

The Expatriate
Achtung! You are 23% brainwashworthy, 18% antitolerant, and 28% blindly patriotic

Congratulations! You are not susceptible to brainwashing, your values and cares extend beyond the borders of your own country, and your Blind Patriotism („patriotism“ for short) does not reach unhealthy levels. In Germany in the 30s, you would’ve left the country.

One bad scenario — as I hypothetically project you back in time — is that you just wouldn’t have cared one way or the other about Nazism. Maybe politics don’t interest you enough. But the fact that you took this test means they probably do. I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt.

Did you know that many of the smartest Germans departed prior to the beginning of World War II, because they knew some evil shit was brewing? Brain Drain. Many of them were scientists. It is very possible you could be one of them, depending on your age.

Conclusion: Born and raised in Germany in the early 1930’s, you would not have been a Nazi.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 22% on brainwashworthy
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You scored higher than 13% on antitolerant
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You scored higher than 40% on patriotic

Link: The Would You Have Been a Nazi Test written by jason_bateman on Ok Cupid

Meine Bewertung:

An und für sich kann man ja mit so einer Bewertung „froh“ sein, dass sie so ausfällt. Jedoch muss ich sagen, dass es natürlich aus heutiger Sicht deutlich leichter ist die Fragen und die dahinter stehenden Konsequenzen zu verstehen. Testweise habe ich einfach mal meine Meinung bei ein, zwei Fragen nur leicht variiert und hatte dann schon ein anderes Ergebnis.

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